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West Melbourne Dustless Blasting can offer a totally mobile sandblasting service throughout Melbourne Victoria. Removal of paint, powder coating, rust, anti-foul, and other difficult coatings with the Lastest Equipment from the USA.

We deliver onsite Abrasive Blasting and Pressure Cleaning for a number of different industries such as automotive, construction, marine, aviation, Domestic, commercial and industrial. We utilize a number of different blast media to ensure the right result for the right job and because of the design of the ‘Dustless Blasting’ system most onsite work can be carried out with minimal containment. We can also offer basic prime and paint to certain jobs.

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Our team caters to all of your standard requirements while using the highest quality blast media to ensure you get the best finish possible

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Dustless blasting can restore the products back to near new while adding value to it, check these before & after images of our work

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Sandblasting Services in Melbourne for Restoration

We offer two most popular kinds of Sandblasting services in Melbourne, Soda Sandblasting and Abrasive Sandblasting.

Soda Sandblasting is a non-destructive, environmentally friendly, chemical-free, cleaning process that uses specially formulated granules of bicarbonate soda and controlled amounts of compressed air.

On the other hand, Abrasive Sandblasting is a technique of cleaning or preparing a surface by forcing a stream of abrasive materials against the subject. It can be done from fine to coarse finishes, depending on the specified requirements.

Both these sandblasting techniques offer a complete restoration solution and make the surface as good as new.

We also offer all types of dustless blasting service in Melbourne. With our latest equipment, knowledge and expertise, we consistently meet all the specifications of sandblasting requirements.

Quality Sandblasting Solutions in Melbourne

The process of dustless blasting in Melbourne requires a high amount of skill and technique. We have our own in-house high-performance sandblasting equipment to clean, repair and preserve every type of metal or building structure. In fact, our abrasive sandblasting and coating is one of the most economical and effective methods to protect metal and combat corrosion, chemical attack and wear.

Our team offers to sandblast in Melbourne for automotive, trucks and trailers, earthmoving equipment, marine, swimming pools, anti-foul removal, rust removal, concrete surfaces, wooden surfaces, fibreglass, powder coat and aluminium.

Having an experience of over a decade in this industry, you can count on our professionals for any mobile sandblasting job in Melbourne. We aim to assist you with a comprehensive, economical and engineered solution with our safe and reliable soda sandblasting and abrasive sandblasting services in Melbourne. With our sandblasting solutions, you can have the peace of mind as you will receive the best mobile sandblasting in Melbourne.