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Professional Dustless Blasting Services In Melbourne

Dustless Blasting is an advanced revolutionary system of paint stripping and cleaning that involves removing any type of coating from any type of surface without creating a cloud of dust.

West Melbourne Dustless Blasting is a 10-year old family-owned business offering a totally mobile sandblasting and dustless blasting throughout Melbourne, Victoria.

If you are looking for the professional services like the removal of paint, powder coating, rust, anti-foul and other difficult coatings, our expert team can do the needful. Equipped with the latest equipment from the USA, we can undertake any type of project, from simple to complex.

Our team caters to all of your standard abrasive blasting requirements while using the highest quality blast media to ensure you get the best finish possible. The end result, though, depends on the condition of the product.

In many cases, the dustless blasting can restore the products back to near new while adding value to it. But, this is possible only if it is restored correctly using tried and tested techniques. You can count on us for restoring it correctly and accurately as our dustless blasting service comes with the following benefits:

  • Powerful Machines

As mentioned above, we are equipped with the latest equipment from the USA, hence, with an updated technique and technology, we are able to get the tough jobs done right at one go.

  • Professional Team

We have an experienced team that has a wealth of knowledge regarding abrasive blasting. You can be sure that our services will be of the highest quality.

  • Competitive Pricing

Our exceptional services come with competitive pricing. We stick to our estimates and make sure that our services are delivered on time and within the set budget.

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Why Opt for Dustless Blasting?

Firstly, as the name suggests, there is no release of dust, unlike dry sandblasting. It also does not leave traces of dust on the surface ensuring a smooth finish. As this blasting technique uses water, there are fewer chances of dust to stick to the plate which we will be working on. Additionally, it even prevents creating more harm to the atmosphere as the technique ensures little dust.

For us, no surface is unfit for painting. We have the skills and required equipment to make any surface ready for painting. As the water lessens friction and prevents heat, there is no risk of warping. Moreover, there is no residue or mess with dustless blasting so we can use this procedure in your driveway, marinas or even inside a building.

The method of dustless blasting is safe for you and your employees. It is eco-friendly and once done, leaves the surface sparkly clean. Hence, when it comes to removal of coatings or paint, it is best to opt for the dustless blasting technique.

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As we provide on-site dustless blasting services, you have the option of flexibility and convenience. Moreover, with the presence of advanced and eco-friendly solutions, we make sure that your product turns out to be near to new.

If you have any inquiry related to our services, contact our professional team right away at 0411818512 for immediate assistance.