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Soda Blasting Melbourne

Soda Blasting MelbourneMelbourne’s Leading Soda Blasting Service Provider

If you are looking for efficient paint, oil and other contaminants removal technique without harming the original surface, then soda blasting is the best choice for you. It is the cleaning and paint stripping technology that uses compressed air to propel bicarbonate of soda into the area to be cleaned.

We at West Melbourne Dustless Blasting, offer an efficient soda blasting service in Melbourne to industries like automotive, construction, marine, aviation and many more. We are a decade old family-run business and we are dedicated to providing competent mobile Soda Blasting Melbourne.

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How Can You Use Soda Blasting?

Our soda blasting service is capable to clean the smallest component as well as the entire production line. You can use our soda blasting service to remove:

  • Surface corrosion, including rust
  • Carbon deposits
  • Remnants of hydrocarbons
  • All traces of gasket material
  • Adhesives & other bonding agents
  • Multiple layers of paint
  • Solidified oil and grease loaded with dust, grit and other debris

Our mobile Soda Blasting Melbourne service is perfect for cleaning:

  • Carbon fibre
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminium
  • GRP
  • Brick

Why Choose Our Soda blasting Service?

Soda Blasting offers its own exceptional properties and benefits, making it an ideal method for cleaning. Soda Blasting is:

  • An environmentally friendly, non-destructive and non-abrasive cleaning method
  • Removes years of build-up of pollution, residues and coatings from virtually any surface of the interior or exterior of the buildings without causing damage
  • It consists of non-toxic food safe properties and so is safe to be used in food-processing areas
  • Produces outstanding results and beautifully restores structures, buildings and other materials with ease
  • Ideal for preventing further rusting

Regardless, whether you require coating or debris removal, soda blasting is the perfect solution. We offer affordable and the quick mobile soda blasting service in Melbourne.

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